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Byron bay career in hospitality


Come join us at Fishheads Family and work with a crew of like-minded, passionate people. We are looking for people who love to work in a fast-paced environment and genuinely loves putting a smile on peoples faces.


Fishheads Byron is always looking for new hospo heros to join the team. We’ll give you a chance to be part of something huge, but you’ve got to want it and be passionate about making your mark in the world of hospitality. If this sounds like you, send us an email at or fill out this form and we will get back to you right away!

Head chef 

  • Amazing cooking skills and attention to detail.

  • Leadership and management skills.

  • The ability to manage a budget and keep accurate records.

  • Good organisation and communication skills.

  • The ability to work under pressure.

  • The ability to inspire others and help them develop.

Cuisiniers professionnels

Restaurant     Manager

  • Excellent communication skills. Strong communication skills are essential in the hospitality industry. 

  • Problem-solving and conflict manage.

  • Positive attitude & Attention to detail. 

  • Multitasking skills

  • Team spirit & cultural awareness skills

Sous   Chef

  • Knowledge of various cooking methods, ingredients, and procedures.

  • Management skills & familiarity with industry's best practices.

  • Leadership & creativity.

  • Hand-eye coordination.

  • Time-management skills & decision making.

Servir le premier plat

Senior supervisor

  • Excellent communication skills & strong customer service skills.

  • Ability to motivate and manage staff.

  • Tactful and diplomatic manner.

  • Ability to keep calm under pressure.

  • Good teamwork skills.

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